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Church Accounting

This section is some information for Churches on how to manage their money.  It is based on methods I have tried and proven.


Too many people think that expensive means best.  Search for THE BEST deal and use your members when you can.  They appreciate the opportunity.

Dual Signature

Do it.  It is called internal control.

Bank Charges

Search out the best bank for you.  Some banks have special rates for not for profit organizations.  Review the list of your bank charges and make sure you are getting that service for which you are being charged.


Do not permit "over budget".  If you hold people's feet to the fire on their budget, then they will be on budget or under.  A few unders can create surplus funds for unexpected circumstances.  Do not allow "budget" carryovers from one year to the next.  Use it or lose it.  This also creates surplus.

Fund Carryovers

These should only be allowed if funds are received and earmarked for a future event.  Again, do not allow budget carryovers.  If a budget area includes budget funds and collected funds.  The collected funds are spent first.

When to pay

Pay bills when they are due not when someone drops them on your desk.  This creates some lag time for funds.  Make exceptions for payments that reimburse a member.

Cell Phones

Ministers and staff should be paid an allowance for business use of their cell phone.  Do not buy them cell phones or pay their contracts. I reduced our cell phone charges by $1k per month by doing this.

Credit cards

Ministers should be required to have their own credit card for business purposes.  The Church can make payment but only if charges are documented.  Let the ministers keep the perks on their own card as a trade-off.

PC or Mac?

Church software is not currently written for Macs.

Use your members

Can't be overemphasized.  Members enjoy using their expertise for a Church.  Let them.

I maintain a blog related to Church Finance.  Feel free to peruse it for other ideas at churchfinancecpa@blogspot.com.